2016 FNBWA Open House – Saturday, June 25

2016 FNBWA Annual Fun Event and General Membership Meeting
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Sharp-Tailed Grouse Viewing 2016

Thanks to Tom and Audrey Cusick for the great photos!  They got up at 3:00am and drove through a blizzard to arrive at the blind by 5:30am.  A great day in Wisconsin with friends.  More TACusick Photography

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Northwest Barrens master planning **UPDATE** – March 2016


nw barrensWe have created a summary of public comments from the February open house and open comment period. The next step in the planning process is for the planning team to consider your comments and develop a draft master plan. Afterwards there will be a second open house and public comment period. The draft master plan and maps will also be posted on this web page for comment. We anticipate this will be scheduled sometime later this year. Public notice will be provided prior to that time.

Thank you for your interest in these properties and their future management. We welcome your continued involvement as you enjoy the natural resources benefits these properties provide.

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Register Now to View the Sharp-Tailed Grouse Mating Dances on the Namekagon Barrens

Spring brings out the best in the sharp-tailed grouse on the Namekagon Barrens.  Register now to see the spectacular mating dances from a viewing blind just feet away from their lek.  It’s a sight and sound experience you’ll never forget.  And it’s free!

Video produced by Alan Stankevitz.


Sign up now for your preferred date from April 1st through May 31st (maximum of 3 reservations per month).  Peak viewing season is typically mid-April to mid-May.

Photos courtesy of Michael J. Heubschen Phototography

Register here!

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Fall Frost on the Barrens

Enjoy these wonderful photos taken and shared with us by Mark Nupen! Puts me in mind of a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien:

All that is gold does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost;
the old that is strong does not wither,
deep roots are not reached by the frost.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Natural Heritage Conservation Program – 2015 Annual Report

NH Conservation Program cover

Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey and Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program Volunteers,

I want to first, thank you all for the information and data you’ve helped these two programs achieve over the past few years. Your efforts make my work easier. For that you are second to none in my eyes.

I’m emailing to pass on the Natural Heritage Conservation Program’s 2015 Annual Report (see link below).

This report is a brief summary of all the projects and success stories compiled by the Natural Heritage Conservation Bureau in the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources over the past year. It’s our way of showing you (our wonderful citizen scientists and volunteers) what your efforts are contributing towards. It’s also a way to show you all the great diversity of projects in our bureau and give you an idea of other efforts that may suit your volunteering needs and wants.

Feel free to glance at it, read through it in entirety, add it to your annual report collection, or also to pass it on to others (family, friends, coworkers, etc…) that you feel would appreciate the report.

Once again, thank you all for caring about Wisconsin’s flora and fauna and contributing towards their conservation.
Happy holidays from your Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey and Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program Coordinator!

Andrew Badje
Conservation Biologist


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Autumn haiku, Dave Austin

Music in the wind
late october’s final song
dancing red and gold

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